Hillarys curtains and blinds Review

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Hillarys curtains and blinds honest review

I have set up this website following a my purchase of curtains and blinds from Hillarys as when I was looking for a review on companies who supply blinds, I found there was not much information to allow me to understand other people’s experiences. If I had found a website which reviewed hillarys blinds before my purchase, I may have made a different.

We were looking for some blinds and curtains for our new home and opted for Hillarys as they are a company we had heard of and we believed this would mean we would receive a quality product. This was not the case.

We booked in a visit from Hillarys and an individual we came round to the property to measure up and show us some Hillarys samples. Despite us telling the salesman we were only interested in a quote for the time being. He continued to advise us on a number of occasions if we were to sign up to the sale on the evening we would receive a big discount which was only available for that evening. Notwithstanding this, we stuck to our guns and were left a quote from Hillarys for blinds and curtains as detailed below:

1x living room curtains
1x bedroom black out blind
2 x utility room vertical blinds
1 x dining room roman blind

Due to the costs, we did not place the order with Hillarys.

Several days later we received a call from a department within Hillarys offering us a discount if we were to place the order that evening. We still though this was high so we did not place an order for curtains and blinds with Hillarys.

After several further telephone calls from Hillarys, we ordered the above products at cost lower than that we were first quoted. This demonstrates the salesman’s quote was far from their best offer.

When the curtains and blinds were fit by Hillarys, the living room curtains had a click in them, which was in excess of 12 inches. We therefore called to complain and it was agreed these would be replaced by Hillarys after Christmas. So we spent the festive period with damaged goods in our new home.

We also discovered when the Hillarys roman blinds were pulled up, they did not fold correctly. Furthermore, the material creased easily and was visible when they were brought back down. Despite us being assured by the Hillarys’ salesman this would not happen. When we raised this with Hillarys we were told blinds don’t always fold correctly. This has not been the case with blinds I purchased previously.

When the substandard curtains were replaced we were unhappy as the corners were considerably far from right angles. Also, to our horror, there was another click in our curtain.

The issue we had was we had decorated our rooms. And bought soft furnishings to match the curtains and blinds and therefore we were keen to have the blinds we had purchased. However, we were unable to accept them with the issues we had discovered. Following some emails back and forth I asked Hillaries the following questions (please forgive the spelling errors, however, I wanted to ensure it was an accurate record of my communication with Hillaries):

1. How can you say there has been no manufacturing or workmanship errors  without inspecting the items?
2. Why did 2 separate pairs of curtains arrive clicked?
3. Why are the corners of the curtains so poor and way off a 90 degree anle
4. If there is no issue with the manufacturing why do the roman blinds not fold correctly.
5. Why do you us material on the blinds, which are designed to be folded, which creases so easily.

Despite my specific questions, I do not feel I received a direct answer from Hillarys. Part of their response:

‘Our technical team deem the curtains to be fit for purpose from the photographs supplied. However it is clear we cannot meet your expectations’

I have attached some photos and a video to allow people to decide for themselves if they believe the blinds and curtains we purchased from Hillarys are fit fir purpose. With no manufacturing or workmanship errors…..

Hopefully this site allows people the opportunity to make an informed decision regarding the purchasing of curtains and blinds.

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